FAT Firearms, LLC.
FFL Dealer


Our freedoms are being taken from us around every corner, we need to stand up to the radical socialist ideology that is plaguing our country!!

FAT Firearms supports our law enforcement officers.

"God Bless America! & our hero's in Blue"

 For the conservative American with a Love for our country, freedoms, and our core values expressed.


We are a family owned firearms dealer located at (1131 N. Woodland Blvd Deland, FL. 32720 ) We hope to inspire the populous to learn and practice their GOD given 2nd Amendment rights because even though the police is there to protect and serve, your safety and that of your Family is your responsibility.

Hello America,

  My Name is Francisco De La Torre.

As an American citizen it has become more obvious to me and my Family that the world continues to change at a staggering pace, that the values we hold dear have become harder and harder to uphold. A lot of the people we love and care about are changing with the world. This concerns me greatly! I have made every effort to stay away from the influences of the world and to guide my Family in a GOD fearing direction, And it's time to start being a VOICE! a voice for GOD, a voice for FREEDOM, a voice for CONSERVATIVE VALUES, a voice for my FAMILY, and A VOICE FOR TRUTH!!!!. Welcome to FAT FIREARMS, LLC.