FAT Firearms, LLC.
FFL Dealer


With the anti-gun MOB going after our 2nd Amendment Rights there is no time like the present to practice and defend those rights.

My Name is Francisco J. De La Torre. I am the owner of Fat Firearms in Deland, FL. , and an NRA certified Pistol instructor. Concealed Carry Weapons Licenses (CCW) are issued in the state of Florida by the "Department of Agriculture" and require a Certificate of competency in order to apply for the License. As a CCW holder myself, I know the freedom of carrying my sidearm at all times. It is a constant reminder of our right to bare arms and to know that I am able to protect myself, my wife, and my 7 kids at any given moment.  

I strongly recommend our course where we will teach you not only the basics in safety, but also instill a sense of responsibility in our concealed carry graduates. In addition, we include advanced training not offered by every CCW instructor. My class will include CCW etiquette, a dominant eye test, muzzle control, trigger control, and most importantly dry firing exercises that will help you overcome recoil anticipation which is the primary cause for missing targets, and finally, I will teach you how to align your sights the proper way SO YOU CAN HIT YOUR TARGET EVERY TIME.