FAT Firearms, LLC.
FFL Dealer


If your Background check comes back as a Non-approval I will provide you w/ an appeal form and information on an expungement lawyer that I recommend. if you know that you will not be approved due to a criminal past and you believe that you can fight it and have it expunged 

please contact the Law Office of Richard Muller at 386-882-7999 

speak to Ana, his assistant to set up an Appointment 

tell them the Frank from Fat Firearms, LLC sent you.

We do FFL Transfers the fee is $40.00 

$50.00 Cancellation fee for any transaction involving a background check.
$25.00 Processing charge for all background denials.

If you have unwanted Legally owned guns of any kind, Let me make you an offer. I will pay top dollar for your unwanted firearms. we all have a need for cash sometimes and your unwanted firearms can give you those extra funds you need for other important expenses. When you call us we will treat your situation with the utmost care and respect.